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Buxom Cosmetics, Spotify & Myself

I’ve been super lucky to be able to work on a spanking new campaign with Buxom Cosmetics and Spotify, this campaign combined my love of music and my addiction to makeup

The campaign had one goal; To teach Spotify users how to create 4 basic makeup looks using Buxom makeup. What were the makeup looks we filmed? (Here’s the clever part) That depends on what you’re listening to!

The four how to’s we filmed included How to: Party make up look, How to achieve nude plump lips, How to make your lips look bigger and How to create an ombre lip and can all be seen on Buxom’s Youtube Channel 

My favourite was ‘How to make your lips look bigger’ and can been seen here below

Products used were
💋 Wildly Whipped Liquid Lipstick in Exhibitionist
💋 Bold Gel Lipstick in Uncensored Candy
💋 Full-On Lip Polish in Kelly