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The Day I Turned My House Into A Ball Pit…

A few months ago I visited a bar in London that featured a ball pit and I really wish my friends had experienced it, as I know they would have loved it!

So I decided to do one better and bring the ball pit to them, all 45,000 round plastic pieces of it. All I needed was an excuse, it just happens this month to be my 5 year wedding anniversary, perfect.

I love surprises and I love surprising others as well, so I decided not to tell any of my friends and instead told them I was having a small get-together at my house, they had no clue, check out some of their reactions in the video below:

So it turned out my love of surprises was no secret to my husband, who still managed to surprise me with a mobile farm on the day! The day turned out to be like a scene from Mrs.Doubtfire.

If you’re in the market to ruin your own house with a ball pit, we hired ours from here and the mobile farm was a steal also Ark Farm

Let me know what you thought in the comments below, is this something you would try?!