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The truth about my Fyre Festival experience…

I was invited to Fyre Festival 2017 as an UK influencer and was promised complimentary accommodation on possibly the most beautiful retreat in the world; The Exumas.

As I’m sure most of you know by now (unless you’ve been hiding in a cave for the first few months of 2017) the Fyre Festival was a disaster on a grand scale and attendees were provided with very little of what they were promised and most were flown back within 48 hours!

Below is my Fyre Festival video account of what happened, made from footage gathered at the time with explanations and our experiences.

What Was Fyre Festival?

Fyre Festival was a exclusive Festival in the Exumas, Bahamas. The Festival was famed at bringing in influencers from across the globe and stars attending included Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid & Emily Ratajkowski. The Line up included Migos, lil yachty & Blink182. Tickets to the festival could be purchased for as much as $12,000!

What Went Wrong?

Festival goers were left without beds in their tents, without the 5* cuisine promised, without their lugage and many couldn’t even get out of the Exumas airport! Transport was scarce and people were left without communication in villas without food. EEK.

Why Did Fyre Festival Go Wrong?

Fyre festival had been planned for quite sometime. I had made friends with and spoke at length to artists, helpers, locals and organisers. One of the Main issues was the event was booked on the Regatta Weekend (against very strong advice) – the busiest weekend in the Exumas! This meant that shops, taxis ranks etc. were closed but also that all accommodation in the island was booked well in advance! I attended the Regatta in George Town with the locals, you can view a small slice in my Bahamas Vlog. Another contributing factor was a storm the night before had ruined the tents, meaning the tents had to be rebuilt, which was impossible. I was accommodated on Victory1, a cruise ship hired for Fyre, at least for the first few nights. To distract the attendees and buy time, the organisers threw a ‘surprise welcome party’ on a separate beach with free alcohol. However this was short lived and problems were still present when the party finished.

What Happened Afterwards?

Most attendees were flown back once the festival was officially cancelled on the Thursday – the first night! The next day nearly all of the attendees were flown back. I went to visit the Fyre Festival sites on the Friday and was met with stunning scenery and deserted collateral, including alcohol, swing sets and stage equipment- featured in the above video.

How Did the Locals React To Fyre Festival?

Locals worked hard on the clean up and were packing down the tents, even though at that point some had not been paid for weeks. The islanders are a small community with some of the best spirit I have witnessed, this stretched to local businesses also, nobody on the island was untouched by what happened. I witnessed first hand the immediate helping spirit and bounce back, an experience I will never forget. I saw the Grand Isle Resort pay freely for medical expenses for locals (somebody broke their arm cleaning away the tents)  out of their pocket and restaurants, taxis and boat companies like Exuma Water Sports muck in to make sure every single person was safe, watered and fed. Unforgettable and heart warming.

See my Bahamas Vlog to see the Exumas in all their glory, filmed the week after Fyre Festival, including the swimming pigs, iguanas and boat trips.

Fyre Festival 2018

Fyre Festival has strongly indicated on a statement on their site that they will be going ahead next year, but maybe in the USA. Would I attend? Well the last Fyre disaster turned into the best experience i’ve had, so yeah, maybe…only if they promise a disaster again.

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Thank you for watching!

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