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I Tried The Hello Smile Charcoal Activated Range…

Why I use Hello Smile

As many of you know, I use Hello Smile for my teeth whitening. I generally have my gold teeth whitening pen in my handbag (looks just like a normal pen) and will top up using the advanced whitening kit before bed or part of my makeup routine every few weeks.

My teeth looking good is seriously important to me because of what I do, they need to be white for my lip tutorials, many of which are close ups on my mouth, lips and teeth.

The Hello Smile Charcoal Activated Range

So I was excited when Hello Smile told me they were going to send me their new New Smiles ‘Complete Whitening Pack‘ containing everything I usually use (trays, LED light, Gel & whitening pen) but more importantly their new ‘Charcoal Activated Toothpaste’ and the accompanying Charcoal activated Bamboo Toothbrushes.

No doubt like you, I’ve been seeing charcoal whitening products a lot recently on social media and have been wanting to try something similar, although I’ve been worried if they would taste like chewing a pencil. However the Hello Smile charcoal activated toothpaste has a mint flavour that’s like any other toothpaste and is vegan – literally everything I wanted. My other hesitation was that the charcoal activated bamboo toothbrush would be too hard and harsh on my gums, however the bristles are soft just how I like them; I have always believed in polishing your teeth with a toothbrush, not scrubbing them to death!

hello smile charcoal kit


Does it Actually Work?

Yes. I’ve been using their charcoal whitening products as part of my daily routine now, I just replaced my old toothbrush and toothpaste. I’ve seen the results and the charcoal definitely lifts stains from my teeth; Whitening you teeth can make them susceptible to staining food like red wine, coffee etc. – so using the charcoal toothpaste and bamboo toothbrush daily is the perfect combination.

Grab yours here at and use discount code CLARKE10 for 10% your order!

Does it actually work tho 🤔 Answer is yes @thehellosmile NewSmiles kit really does work.. loved trying the Charcoal activated toothpaste for the first time after the UV whitening.. it tastes minty and polishes my teeth to a brighter white every time.. Use my code 'CLARKE10' for money off. Link in BIO for a a blog on the new product .. Lip tint used is @benefitcosmeticsuk 'Cha Cha' Tint 🍑 #thehellosmile #partner #ccclarkebeauty

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My Instagram tutorial demonstrates me using the UV Kit and activated charcoal toothpaste alongside Benefit Cosmetics ‘Cha Cha’ lip tint to add colour and moisturise my pout!

Thank you for reading,

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  • Shannon Flannery

    I love charcoal toothpaste!

  • Jessica Stafford

    The heating of the charcoal and its combination with gas expands and activates the pores creating a very large surface area. Its microporosity nature allows it to bind to organic compounds such as tartar, plaques, stains, viruses, and bacteria found in the mouth which have high molecular mass and are neutral in chemical nature. But it does not bind to minerals such as calcium so it’s safe to use on teeth. The existence of charcoal protects it from being swallowed by the stomach. Visit