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My Wig Line With CastawayBeauty

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Wigs have always been a key part of my fashion and beauty looks. For years I’ve used wigs as the ultimate accessory to quickly switch up my looks with minimal effort. I found that the most affordable wigs without sacrificing quality were synthetic lace front wigs.

Me in one of my earliest wigs (2014)

Me in one of my earliest wigs (2014)

After a few years of wearing wigs for different occasions and receiving questions about good recommendations for wigs, i researched and designed my own wig line in colours and styles I loved the most. I source and sold these on my website But in 2018 I decided to increase my wig line to include more styles and colours and to create a better customer experience. That’s when I launched castawaybeauty.

CastawayBeauty still sells my favourite classic wigs and i still hand choose samples and new wigs myself to ensure i have the best quality and the most up to date styles for sale.

The wigs are perfect beginner wigs and my dream is that wigs are worn by everyone for all occasions. So If you’re looking for the perfect and high quality lace front synthetic wigs then check out my designs on Castawaybeauty.

If you’re a first time buyer or a beginner with wigs, then castawaybeauty’s Instagram page here contains simple looks and tutorials for you to check out and learn from and get inspiration.

My ‘Blonde Smoke’ Lace front wig.

My ‘Blonde Smoke’ Lace front wig.

How to Fake Tan Contour

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Fake Tan Contour Guide

Just follow this simple set by step guide

Does Fake Tan Contouring work?

Yes, fake tan contouring does work, I’ve been using this trick for a while now on my face and most recently on my body. Some comments on this tutorial have been negative and insinuate ‘cheating’, but I view contouring with make up and fake tan the same – it’s only the products that differ!

Lots of people use fake tan regularly or before holiday, why not use it more strategically?

The below Video is a guide to fake tan contouring and shows the before and after so you can see the results for yourselves.

How to Fake Tan Contour

  1. Pre-moisturise any dry patches of skin

  2. Use a small stippling brush to mark out contours of desired area (face or/and body)

  3. Let set for a few minutes

  4. Use a larger stippling brush to blend

  5. Apply thin overall layer of fake tan using a fake tanning mitt

  6. Leave on for 4-6 hours

  7. Wash off in the shower

Products Used:

Bondi Sands ultra dark tan available to buy here